Submitting Additional Shares For A Collaboration

If you find yourself wanting to go above and beyond for the brand you are working with, you have the option to add additional social shares to your offer in the system. You will be able to add any post type as an additional share except for blog posts, YouTube links, or Instagram Stories. Any other links for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter can be uploaded as an additional share as long as that channel is connected to your account in the system and as long as the post contains disclosure.

By submitting additional shares in the system, the Marketer will be able to view and track your additional post(s) and any extra analytics that they bring in. This article will walk you through how to add additional shares to your offer in the system. 

1. From your Dashboard, select the Offer that is ready to be published by clicking the Project name.

2. On the new page it takes you to, scroll to the bottom of your Offer. Click Add Additional Share

3. In the window that pops up, paste the URL link to the post you wish to include as an additional share to the Marketer. You are not able to submit blog, YouTube, or Instagram Stories as additional shares, but as long as you have your social media sites connected to the system you may submit any other post type. Once pasted, click Add Additional Share.

4. Once submitted, you will see your additional share listed at the bottom of your offer.

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