Submitting Draft Content For A YouTube Video

This article will walk you through creating draft content for a YouTube Video Post in the system. Please note that in order to Create Content to submit to the Marketer for approval or revision, your YouTube Video must first be posted as Unlisted within YouTube. 

Please Note: Workflow must be completed on an up-to-date desktop or laptop computer browser, system workflow cannot be completed on mobile web or app.

1. Now that your bid has been approved (or you have accepted a Direct Offer), it's time to create your draft content. From your Dashboard, click the Offer that is ready to have content created (it will be listed as Create Content) by selecting the Project name.

2. If it is a Multi-Channel Social Post or Blog Post With Social Shares, you will see more than one Task listed. If it is just a YouTube Video Post, you will only see the YouTube Task. Locate the YouTube Post Task and click Create Content

3. Once on the content creation page, you will be able to view the Draft Due Date, the Content Publish Date, and all of the Requirements for your post on the right hand side of your screen.

4. At this point, you are ready to create your content on YouTube. Create your video and then upload it to your YouTube account as an Unlisted video. Uploading your video as an Unlisted video allows the Marketer to review your post before it goes live on your channel. You can select this option from the Visibility section when uploading your video.

5. Now it's time to submit your link to the Marketer for review. Navigate back to the system and copy and paste your link into the box provided. 

6. After pasting your link, you will then need to select the type of Disclosure you have used for your video. Once selected, you will need to enter the timestamp where the disclosure can be found in the video (this will need to be typed in minute : second format as shown in the example below). Based on FTC legal guidelines, your content must include a disclosure. To select your preferred disclosure, click on one of the disclosure options available. 

7. After you have completed your draft, select Submit Content to send your draft to the Marketer for review. If you're not ready to submit you can always select Close and Save Draft.

8. If this Offer is just for a single YouTube Video, you are all set until the Marketer approves your draft, at which point, please follow the steps in the following article to complete your post: Publishing A YouTube Video

If this is a Multi-Channel Social Post or Blog Post With Social Shares however, you will now need to submit your draft content for your other posts. The articles in the following section will walk you through how to submit content for each social share: Creating Content

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