What Does Verification Mean?

Verification is the process through which the platform checks to make sure everything you have posted matches what was marked as approved by the Marketer within the system. The system will also check that you have not taken down your post and that your social account that you published your content on is still active and connected within the system. 

There are two Verification check points in the platform. The first is when you submit your live content/URL into the system to mark it as Published. The system will check to make sure that you have posted exactly what was approved by the Marketer in your draft in the system and that you have included all of the required elements (hashtags, mentions, links, etc.) and sponsorship disclosure in your post. 

The second verification check point is at the 45 day payment mark which occurs 45 days after your post has been marked as Published within the system. The system will verify that your post is still live, contains all of the required elements, and contains the mandatory disclosure. It will also check to make sure that none of the content has been changed. A few things to keep in-mind at both verification check points:

  • Any changes to the approved draft in the system will cause verification to fail. These can include but are not limited to:
    • Different disclosure than what was approved in the platform
    • Changes to required hashtags, mentions, or links from what was approved in the platform
    • Added emojis
    • Extra or less images
    • Changes to the approved image(s) (filters, cropping, etc.)
    • Changes to the approved draft (spaces, paragraphs, bullets, re-wording, re-arranged wording etc.)
  • Changes approved by the Marketer off platform must be reflected in the system or the post will fail verification

If your post passes the second verification, you will be paid for your work once all units within the project (if there are more than one) have also verified. If your notifications are turned on, you will receive an email notifying you for each unit that gets verified. Your payment date is based upon the latest submitted unit in the system. If a unit does not pass verification you will receive a Failed Verification notice and will need to reach out to our team for assistance. 

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