Publishing Your Instagram Post

Once your Instagram post has been approved by the Marketer in the system, you will need to copy and paste the approved content to your Instagram from your mobile device. If you do not copy and paste the content exactly as provided your post will fail validation and you will not be paid for your work. 

1. When your post has been approved, it will appear on your dashboard as Ready To Publish. Click on the Project Name to be taken to your content.

2. From here click Publish Content.

3. From this page, you will be able to retrieve the approved copy and photo for your post. You will need to copy this content exactly and paste it into your Instagram post. If you do not copy and paste exactly what is shown here, your content will not be approved in the system.

Publishing Your Instagram Post From Your Mobile Device:

4. Find the photo on your mobile device. It should be the same photo or set of photos you see in the Post Preview section and the size should be the same. You will need to post all photos approved in the system. *Do not add any filters, emojis or change the sized of your image at this point to be any different than what was approved. If you do, your content will fail verification.

5. From your mobile device, paste the Marketer approved text. Your post's caption must match or it will not validate.

6. Using the photo and caption from above, submit your post to Instagram from your mobile device by tapping Share.

7. Once your photo is posted to Instagram, click the "..." icon above your photo and select Share

8. From here, click Copy Link to copy your URL.

9. Then, go back to your account in the platform, paste the copied URL in the Verification URL box, and click Submit URL. This step needs to be completed to publish your content in the platform for completion.

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