Publishing Your Instagram Story

Once your Instagram Story Frame has been approved by the Marketer in the system, you will need to publish it on your Instagram. This article will walk you through publishing your Instagram Story Frame and also submitting your Insights Data to the Marketer for approval. 

Publishing Your Instagram Story

1. When your post has been approved, it will appear on your dashboard as Ready To Post. Click on the Project Name to be taken to your content.

2. Locate the Instagram Story Frame unit and click Ready to Publish.

3 From here, you will need to recreate your approved Instagram Story Frame on your Instagram. When recreating your story frame, please make sure to include all of the required elements and disclosures.

4. After you have finished creating your story frame in Instagram, publish it to your story and then go back into the platform and click Confirm Frame Publish.

5. Your content will move to Published and this will start a 24 hour timer in the platform. 

Verifying Your Story Analytics

Now that your content has been posted for 24 hours, you will need to upload a screenshot of the finalized frame including the required elements. You will also need to upload screenshots of the frame’s Insights. Insights are per-frame analytics (Interactions, Discovery, and Audience) that Instagram provides to business/Creator profiles.

1. Click in to the Offer that is ready to be posted by selecting the Project name.

2. After the 24 hour mark, you will notice the content will move to the Submit Content Verification state. Click on Submit Content Verification.

3. From here, you will need to upload a screenshot of the finalized frame including the required elements. To do this, click browse under the Final Instagram Story Frame Media option. From here you will be able to select a photo from your desktop to use in your post. Please note, if your Instagram Story is a video, the platform will not be able to accept it as a video file in this step. Instead, please take a screenshot from your video to upload it here as a photo file for verification. 

4. Next, upload a screenshot of the insight metrics. To do this, click browse under the Instagram Story Metric Screenshots option. From here you will be able to select the photo of your story metrics from your desktop.

5. After you have uploaded all of your images, you will need to input your Insight Data in the boxes provided. If you do not see one of the metrics in your screenshot, you can just leave it blank.

6. Verify all of your information has been inputted correctly and then click Submit Verification. The Marketer will review your Insight Data and then either approve or request a revision for your information. 

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