Resizing Images On A Mac

In the system your submitted images will need to be at least 960px x 960px in order to be uploaded. This article will walk you through resizing your images on a Mac Computer.

Resizing Your Images On A Mac

1. From your desktop, click on the image you would like to resize. 

2. The Preview will open with your selected image. Click on Tools in the upper left-hand corner. 

3. Select Adjust Size in the drop-down. Once on the image dimensions editor, make sure the measurement is set to pixels and that Scale proportionally is selected. This will ensure that your image does not become distorted once you adjust the size. 

4. Set the dimensions so that both the Width and Height are at least 960px and then click, OK. Your image will be resized and you will be able to save and upload it to the platform. 

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