Creating Content For An Instagram Post

Instagram is one of the most popular post types in the system. This article will walk you through creating an Instagram post in the system.

1. Now that your bid has been approved (or once you accept a Direct Offer), it's time to create your content. Click into the offer that is ready to have content created (it will be listed as Create Content) by selecting the Project name

2. From here you, will have the option to create content for this offer. Locate the Instagram unit and click Create Content

3. Once on the Create Content page, you will be able to view the Draft Due Date, the Content Publish Date, and all of the Requirements for your Post. 


4. The first step in creating your content is to add any images you would like to use. Click browse under the Instagram Media option. From here you will be able to select a photo from your desktop to use in your post. 

5. Once your photo has loaded you will need to crop your image. You can choose what shape you would like to crop it to. In this example we are using square which is most common on Instagram. After you have adjusted your image, select Crop Image. If you would like to add another photo, click the plus sign in the box provided. 

Note: If the Marketer approves this draft, they and the system will expect that all photos you submit here will be posted with your content. We recommend only submitting the one photo or group of photos you plan on fully posting with your content to avoid confusion or system issues after approval. 

6. Next, you will need to select the disclosure for your post. Based on FTC legal guidelines, your content must include a disclosure. To select your preferred disclosure, click on one of the disclosure options. Once selected the disclosure will automatically appear at the top of your post. Please refer to the disclosure article linked above to make sure you keep your disclosure where it needs to be for your post.

7. You will now need to create the description for your post in the box provided. Along with your custom content, your description must include all of the Required Elements as set by the Marketer. The Required Elements can simply be added into your content by clicking on the Required Elements at the bottom of the content box.

8. Review your content and make sure that everything is spelled correctly (especially the brand and product names) and select Submit Content. If you're not ready to submit you can always select Save as Draft.

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