ContentAmp Best Practices

How soon will my content go live once I submit it for review?

Within 1 business day. Content submissions made back to back may be posted to your social account within a minute of each other so if you would like to space out the content on your feed, make sure to submit your Content at separate times. 

Is there a limit to the number of ContentAmp Articles I can share? 

Yes. You can only participate in 20 ContentAmp Projects in a 7 day period so make sure to only take the articles that align with your account. 

Can I share my link?

Once a post has gone live, you are able to share the post on the same social platform it was originally shared too. (ex. Tweets must remain on your Twitter and Facebook posts must remain on your Facebook account).

Can I take my post down if the Budget or Article has expired?

Unlike Sponsorship opportunities, your content does not need to remain live for a certain period of time in order to be paid. You will be paid per valid click you receive until you have hit your max potential earnings, the Project budget has run out, or the Project has expired. You are free to take your post down at any time. 

Why can I no longer see my ContentAmp dashboard?

The Review Team constantly reviews Connections to ensure all of the eligibility requirements have been met. Your account may have recently been re-rated and may no longer qualify for ContentAmp Opportunities. 

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