Navigating Your ContentAmp Dashboard

Welcome to ContentAmp! This article will walk you through navigating your ContentAmp Dashboard. 

When you first log into your account, locate the ContentAmp tab on the far left-hand side of your screen. Click here to be taken to your ContentAmp Dashboard. 

Once on the ContentAmp Dashboard, you will be on the Open tab. There are four navigation tabs on the ContentAmp Dashboard; Open, Pending, Published and Declined. Below you will find a detailed description of each of these tabs:

Open: All of the Articles available to you for amplification on your social media channels. 

Pending: All Content that has been submitted that is pending Marketer approval.

Published: All Content that has been approved and published in the system.

Declined: All Content that has been declined by the Marketer.

When working on the dashboard, you will focus most of your time on the Open tab. From the Open tab, you can review, filter, and search for an Article(s) that you would like to promote.  

When reviewing Articles, you will notice a few pieces of information presented to you:

Summary of Content: A brief overview of the contents of the Article up for promotion. If you would like to view the full Article you can select View Article under the Article summary.

Budget Remaining: The amount the Marketer has left to pay for amplification for this particular Article. As a general rule of thumb, you would not want to bid on an Article with a low remaining budget.  

PPC: Price Per Click. This is the amount that will be paid to you, per valid individual Click, Share, or Like.

Expiration date: The time in which the Article will expire and no longer be available for amplification. If you choose an Article that expires shortly, you will only have that set amount of days to earn commission on that specific Article.

Potential Earnings: The amount that could be earned by sharing this specific Article. Earnings are calculated on a Price Per Click (PPC) basis and clicks are verified by our system. *Please note that your final earnings will be based solely on clicks tracked through the platform and will exclude any bots or fraudulent traffic. 

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