Revising Your Content With Creator Annotations

In the platform, once you have submitted your content for Marketers approval you may receive feedback on your content in the form of Annotations. Marketers can comment on specific content in your submission to review and change. This article will help to walk you through the annotation process. 

1. After you have submitted your content for the Marketer to review, you may notice that they have requested changes. You can find these changes in the Negotiation section under your Actions Required tab. There will be an alert that shows the Marketers general feedback for your content and then you can click on Revise to view and make specific changes. 

2. After clicking on Revise you will be taken to your content where you can review the Marketers feedback in detail. Here you will find specific places within your content where the Marketer would like edits. 

3. The highlighted words/sentences in the body of your content match the Marketers feedback.

4. To make your changes simply select the content you would like to edit and type in your changes. You will notice that your new content will appear in green. 

5. With the annotation tool, you can also make comments to the Marketer if you have questions or general comments regarding their change request. To do this, select the highlighter tool (see arrow below) and select the change you would like to comment on. 

6. A pop-up box will appear where you can make your suggestion to the Marketer. To make your suggestions, enter your message into the box and once you are done click Ok to send your suggestion back to the Marketer. 

7. Your Response to the Marketer will appear in the Marketer Feedback section at the top of your page. 

8. Once you have made all of the necessary changes you may submit your content for approval by clicking Submit. *Please note that there is no guarantee that your content will be approved after the first round of edits.

9. After the negotiation process is complete the Marketer will approve your content, and it will be ready for you to post. When your content is ready to post it will be under the Actions Required tab. 

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