Creating Your First Twitter Status Update

Twitter Status updates are one of the most common offers you will receive in the platform. They are very simple to execute and this article will walk you through the process step by step. Before you create any content for your Twitter Status update you must disable Linkis on your Twitter account. You can find more information about Linkis and how to disable it here.

  1. Once your Bid has been approved (or once you receive a Direct Offer) it's time to create your content!
  • Approved Bids can be found on the Sponsorship tab under Actions Required
  • Direct Offers can be found on the Sponsorship tab under New

2. Once you accept your offer, click on Create under Needs content on the Actions Required tab.

3. You will then be taken to a page where you can begin to craft your content.

4. Once you have begun to create your content, you will need to include all of the additional required elements as set by the Marketer. The required elements can simply be dragged and dropped into your content by clicking on the arrows provided.

5. Once the Required Additional Elements are present in your content, you can choose which disclosure you would like to use below the Additional Elements. This disclosure will appear automatically in your Tweet and you do not need to manually type it into your content. 

6. After you have finished creating your content you will be able to view a preview of how your content will appear once it has been posted to your Twitter feed. If you are satisfied with the way your content looks, hit Submit to send to the Marketer for approval. *Remember DO NOT post this on your Twitter. Once it has been approved the system will automatically publish it for you. 

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