Adding User-Generated Photos To Your Blog Post

Some posts require that you take that extra creative step and include some user-generated photos in your post. This tutorial will walk you through how to include those photos in your post when submitting to the Marketer for approval in the platform.

Adding User-Generated Images To Your Post

1. While creating your content, you can include an image (not provided by the Marketer) by clicking on the image icon on the navigation bar

2. This will prompt the Image Properties window where you simply need to paste the image URL into the box that says URL.

  • If you use an image hosting site, you will find the Direct Image URL to the right of the image.
  • You can also right-click on the image (once it's hosted on a site) and click Copy Image Address and then paste that link into the Image Properties window.

3. Click OK to insert the image into the post! If you notice that your image is not properly formatted within your post, you can double-click the image to open the Image Properties window again. From here, you can adjust the width and height of your image to make the image fit. Feel free to play with the pixel numbers here until you are happy with your photo size. 

If you would like for the image to point to a specific URL when clicked, you can add the URL from the Link tab. You can also set the target (how you would like for the link to open).

4. That's it! Your user-created photo should now be inserted into the content box and is ready to send to the Marketer for approval. 

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