Creating Your First Blog Post

Below is a step by step guide for creating and submitting your first Blog post Opportunity in the platform. If you need help bidding on Opportunities, please see this article.

Creating Your Content 

1. Congratulations! Your Bid has been accepted and you are now ready to create your content. Go to your Actions Required tab and click on Create under Needs Content.  

2. Once on the Enter Your Content page you will be able to view the Final Price, Publish Date and Expiration Date for your Opportunity. The Publish date is the last date that your post needs to go live on your blog. The Expiration is the due date for your content. You will need to submit your content to the Marketer for approval before this date or your Opportunity will expire. 

3. From the Create Your Content page, you can also view the Opportunity Details, Requirements, Additional Elements, and select the disclosure you wish to use in your post and compose your post.

4. We recommend composing your post on your own Blog editor in draft mode for ease of use. You will then be able to copy the HTML from your Blog editor and paste it into the Marketplace's editor by selecting Source on the editor. 

4. Now you will need to add the required links into your draft. To do this simply click on the Source button again, you will notice that your content now appears as it would on your blog. As a placeholder we have written Bank Mobile App, so now you will need to delete it so that it does not appear twice when you drag and drop the HTML code. 

5. Your link has now been added to your post! 

6. Review your content and make sure that everything is spelled correctly (especially the brand and product names). If you're not ready to submit you can always select Save as Draft.

7. Once you have submitted your content it will move to the Pending tab again. Now you will just need to wait for the Marketer to review your post. Congratulations you have successfully submitted your first Blog Opportunity!

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