What's A Pitch And What's It For?

When bidding on an Opportunity, your Pitch will allow you to explain to the Marketer why you are a good fit for their Campaign. This is your chance to sell yourself to the Marketer and prove you are not a robot. You might want to let the Marketer know if you have used their product before or how their product would fit into your life. The platform is able to pull your follower numbers, so you do not need to include this information in your Pitch. Be honest, creative and have fun with your Pitch! 

Example Opportunity 


Who We Are: We are the pioneers of Social Sponsorship. We created the first social sponsorship marketplace in 2006 and support the largest sponsorship ecosystem in the world through The Creator Marketplace. 

What We Do: Our company connects creators who blog, tweet and post with leading brands who sponsor them. Brands receive influential content and engaging, shareable stories that drive awareness. Creators are compensated for their participation and partnership.   


In a minimum of 200 words please include the following: 

1. Talk about your history with social sponsorship (How did you find out about us? When did you start taking sponsored opportunities? Which platforms? If you are new, what are you excited about?) 

2. Tell your readers how you use the extra income that you create through The Creator Marketplace. (college, hobbies, life, etc) 

3. Encourage your readers to sign up! 

4. Share 1 -3 screenshots of the new marketplace.

Ideal Candidate  

Anyone that loves sponsored social!

A Sample Pitch For This Opportunity 

*Please do not submit your content here. This will almost surely have your Bid declined or ignored.

"I have been a Creator in the platform for six years now and love working with you! I tell my friends about your company every chance I get and would love to participate in this Campaign to help spread the word to my followers."

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