Negotiating Bids With Offer Chat

We have implemented a tool for our Marketers to provide you valuable feedback on the content you create. This article will help walk you through using the Offer Chat tool while negotiating your bids. 

1. If the Marketer has negotiated a price with you it will appear in the Actions Required tab under Negotiate. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Accept and select Negotiate. 


2. From here you will be taken to the Negotiation page. You will be able to view your first Bid and the new Bid suggested by the Marketer.

3. You can now also view any Chats from the Marketer. Click on the Offer Chat box in the upper right-hand corner of your Negotiation page. *Please note that there may not be any discussion of price within the Offer Chat platform. All negotiations must be made through the Negotiation process. 

4. This Marketer has a question regarding your previous travel package experience. To respond simply type your message in the box provided. 

5. Hit Send. Your message will then be sent to the Marketer.


6. Once you have sent your chat back to the Marketer close out of the Offer Chat box by clicking off of the chat box. From here you may either suggest a new Bid price or if you are ok with the Marketers new bid, hit Submit

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