Accepting A Direct Offer

What Is A Direct Offer?

Unlike open bidding, a Direct Offer is a made directly to a Creator by a Marketer at their set asking price. In the platform, Marketers are able to search for specific Creators based on different criteria (Age, Relationship Status, Location, Connection Tags, etc.) If a Marketer finds a Creator they would like use in their Campaign they may send them a Direct Offer. 

How Do I Accept A Direct Offer?

1. Locate your Direct Offer on your New tab under the Direct Offers tab. 

2. Click View.

3. From here you will be able to view the details of the Direct Offer. You can view the Price, Requirements, Expiration Date and Opportunity Details.

4. If you feel that this offer is one that you would like to accept, you may do so by clicking the Accept Offer button.

5. If you do not want to accept this offer you have the choice to either Negotiate orDecline the offer. 

6. Once you have Accepted your offer you will be taken to the Content Creation page. From this page, you can begin to create your content.

7. If you would like to come back to create your content you can simply click either Save as Draft or Back.

8. This will then move your offer to the Actions Required tab under Needs Content. Once your offer is in this state you will be able to come back to it when you are ready to create your content. Please make sure to check the Expiration Date on your offer, so that your window for creating content does not close. 

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