Optimizing Your Connections

A Connection is a social property that you have added to your account in the platform. For example, your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In order to be visible to Marketers, you need to customize these properties. 

Providing information, like the tags you use most frequently or the communities (Beauty, Fashion, etc.) your properties align with, are a few ways Marketers might find you in the platform. The article below will help you to optimize your connected social accounts:

1. To locate your Connections tab, click on your Avatar at the top and then Connections

2. Here you will see all the social media accounts you have connected. The number 1 signifies that one connection for each social platform has been made. If you have two Twitter accounts connected, this will read 2, and so on. If you notice the number is red, as shown below, you will need to Reauthorize this account.

3. If your Connection does not need to be Reauthorized, then click the drop-down arrow to the far right of each property type to expand it.

3. Once expanded, you will want to fill in the following: 

Tags- keywords that describe your Connections.

Communities- general areas of interest that your Connections focus on. 

Target Audience- your Connection’s audience and predominant characteristics. 

Asking Price- amount you are willing to accept for a Direct Offer from a Marketer

Don't forget to hit Save Changes to save your input. 

4. Repeat the above step for each of your social accounts. You want to ensure each of your Connections (ie. Blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc) has the Topics, Target Audience, and Asking Price tabs completed and saved. 

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