Facebook - Granting Marketer Access For Promoted Posts

Now that you have connected your Facebook page to the system, you can set up Promoted Post Access. This option will allow Marketers to promote posts on your behalf from the content you create for Projects in the system. Not only will this option generate more engagement and views to your post, but hopefully your page as well! 

Connect Your Facebook Page To Your Instagram Account

First, you will need to connect your Instagram account and Facebook Page to each other from either your Instagram settings or your Facebook Page settings. This will ensure that when you post a promoted ad, you will be able to use Facebook's branded content tool and that your page name will be clickable. If you also need to allow promoted access to your Instagram, this will be a necessary step. The following articles will help you with how to connect your Instagram and Facebook Page together: 

Add or Remove an Instagram Account From Your Facebook Page 

How do I link or unlink my Instagram account to my Facebook profile? 

Requesting Access From The System

When granting permission for Promoted Posts access, this action can only be taken from a desktop browser and is not accessible from mobile devices. 

1. On a desktop browser, navigate to your account in the system and log in. From your account, click Connections.

2. Locate your Facebook Page connection and click View Details > Promoted Posts > Request Access.

3. From this point, you will be provided with instructions to follow for granting access within your Facebook Account. For more detailed steps on this process, please continue reading below. 

Granting Access From Facebook

1. On a desktop browser, navigate to facebook.com and log in as the Page Owner for the Facebook Page you have connected to the system. From there, on the left hand navigation bar, click Pages.

2. On the left side of your screen, click the Page you have connected to your account in the system.

3. From the new left hand navigation bar, click Settings.

4. And from there, click Page Roles on the left.

5. From within your Page Roles section, locate the Pending Partner Request from IZEA, Inc. on the right and click Respond to Request.

6. From the pop-up that appears, click Continue.

7. Then click Accept Request.

8. And lastly, enter your Facebook password and then click Submit

9. After you refresh your page, you will see that IZEA, Inc. has been granted access.

10. Please note, it can take up to an hour for Promoted Posts access to show as completed from your account in the system after finishing these steps on Facebook. Once it has completed, you will see a message that states You're All Set.

11. If after an hour you still do not see that access has been granted, click Request Access Again to refresh the page.

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