Why Should I Submit My Profile For Review?

Your portfolio will allow you to showcase your best work to Marketers looking to work with experienced freelancer Creators. This allows Marketers to quickly vet Creators for potential opportunities as the profile search feature will only showcase approved profiles. This could result in more direct assignments for you!

The review process is for Freelance writers only that have written for well-known national publications. You are free to use the other features of the IZEA platform to complete Sponsored Social posts for Marketers as there is no review process for this side of our platform.

When reviewing profile submissions, these are the factors we consider:

• Whether your skills and expertise match our editors’ needs.

• Your employment history and accomplishments at publications.

• The quality of the clips you submitted as well as the prominence of the titles where they appeared. We prefer to see clips from nationally recognized organizations.

• Indication that you are an active, experienced, regularly published freelance journalist.

Here is more information about the review process:

Freelancers that have been published in many publications, or who have had editorial positions at established publications are preferred. Articles from community blogging sites, personal blogs, publications without editors or that produce content solely for SEO purposes, will not be considered. We prefer clips sold within the past year, but if your previous work is your strongest, please provide us those articles. Feel free to add scans or PDF's of work that did not appear online.

Many of IZEA's Approved freelancers provide clips from publishers like the New York Times, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor to name a few examples. And most of the publishers using the IZEA platform are looking to work with freelancers with those credentials and work experience.

Facilitating this matching process is a fundamental part of the IZEA experience. Both for the publishers using the platform and for the freelancers looking for work in the platform. Our goal is to make both sides successful.

We understand that many freelancers are in the early stages of their careers or are building publisher relationships and adding to their portfolios. If your initial profile submission is not approved, you may resubmit your profile for review at a later date, when you feel your experience and expertise are a better match.

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