Become Eligible for Content Opportunities

Your Portfolio is a great way to showcase your best work to Marketers, but it is also how you qualify for Content Opportunities. This article will help walk you through the purpose of the Portfolio and how to add your Work Examples. 

What Is A Portfolio?

The Portfolio section of your account allows you to showcase pieces of work that you have completed and have been published beyond social media platforms. This can include articles that you have written for a publication (The New York Times, Orlando Sentinel, etc), or photos, videos, and illustrations that you have created and have been published through major publications.

To be considered eligible to participate in Content Opportunities, you must add a Work Example for that type of Content Opportunity. For example, to be able to view and be considered for Article Opportunities, you must add an article that you have written to your Portfolio.  

How Do I Add Work Examples?

1. Navigate to your Profile page by clicking your Avatar at the top and then Account Settings

2. Click the Portfolio tab

3. Once on the Portfolio page, you will notice the four (4) different Content Opportunity types that you can upload examples for in order to be eligible for that Opportunity type. (Article, Illustration, Photo, and Video). 

4. Click Upload Files or From Web to begin adding your examples. 

The Upload Files button will open a finder that you can use to locate and upload a file from your computer. Simple locate the file and click Open

The From Web button will show a pop-up window where you can enter a URL for the live content. Click Submit once you have entered the URL. 

5. Once your Work Example has been added, you will see it below the Add Work Examples buttons. You will also notice that the type of Content Opportunity you have added will now be green which means you can participate in that type of Opportunity. If you have written for a major national publication, you can submit your profile for review to be considered Vetted which will turn your Work Example blue. Or, if you already have a Marketer that you are working with, you can send them your public profile link. 

In the following example, I have added a Photo as a Work Example so I am now eligible to participate in Photo type Opportunities. I will not be eligible to participate in Article, Illustration, or Video type Opportunities until I upload Work Examples for those Opportunity types. 

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